Reprocessing Sinks

Height Adjustable Decontamination Sink

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Chaparral adjustable height reprocessing sinks are ergonomically designed to help reduce neck, back and shoulder strain caused by improper sink heights.  Designed for multiple users of varied heights, the countertop height of our medical-grade stainless steel sinks can be adjusted at the touch of a button.  This enables safe, thorough cleaning of medical instruments prior to final sterilization.

Used in Sterile Processing Departments throughout the US, Chaparral adjustable height reprocessing sinks also include proven plumbing solutions, for either direct or indirect waste, to meet most local codes. This helps reduce installation risk and schedule delays.


  • Ergonomic – Helps reduce risk factors leading to workplace injuries
  • Best-in-Class 10″ vertical adjustment (32″ to 42″)
  • Code verified plumbing solutions
  • Available in multiple standard sink and length configurations
  • Made in Portland, Oregon by union sheet metal craftspeople
  • Customization available

Fixed height sinks also available. See below.

Included with Adjustable Height Sinks

  • 12” gooseneck faucet(s) with vacuum breaker(s)
  • 4” backsplash
  • Workflow customization (L>R, R>L)
  • Drain board
  • Marine edge
  • Gallon etched markings
  • Plumbing supplies for indirect waste
    • Supply hose(s)
    • Water shut off valve(s)
    • Lever twist drain(s)
    • Drain manifold system
  • Partial skirt

Accessories and Options

Direct waste telescopic plumbing, pre-rinse faucet, purified water faucet, water gun and tip attachments, air blowgun, end-splashes, sink covers, upper storage cabinet, full skirt, skirt doors

Design Planning

Our team of experts work daily with customers to provide free design planning assistance and ensure there are no issues during and after installation. Our services include dropping Chaparral equipment blocks into your CAD drawings, ensuring clearances, checking for conflicts and providing spacing recommendations.

Standard Models

Adjustable Height Sinks

Model # # of Sink Bowls Length
AHS-3B-147 3    147″
AHS-3B-120 3    120″
AHS-3B-106 3    106″
AHS-2B-120 2    120″
AHS-2B-106 2    106″
AHS-2B-97 2    97″
AHS-1B-72 1    72″

Fixed Height Sinks

Model # # of Sink Bowls Length
FHS-3B-147 3    147″
FHS-3B-120 3    120″
FHS-3B-106 3    106″
FHS-2B-120 2    120″
FHS-2B-106 2    106″
FHS-2B-96 2    97″
FHS-1B-72 1    72″

Note: Fixed height sinks come standard with 1 gooseneck faucet and 1 basket drain per sink.  Other accessories available.