Apollo Technology Poles

Ergonomic Floor-to-Ceiling Technology Poles

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The Apollo Technology Poles attach floor-to-ceiling to allow monitors, computers, barcode scanners and accessories to be mounted anywhere in space, free of walls or desks. They are designed to allow power and data to run from the ceiling, down the pole, eliminating the need for extension cords or floor outlets.

Apollo Technology Poles are part of Chaparral’s Phlebotomy Workstation solution, but can be used in any application. Wall-mounted Apollo Technology Tracks are also available for applications where walls are present.


  • Mount a monitor, keyboard, CPU, printer and other accessories to create a workstation anywhere
  • Designed for stand-alone installation with floor to drop-ceilings heights of up to 17’
  • Ergonomic arms are height adjustable and articulate 180+ degrees
  • Power and data run down the pole from ceiling, eliminating need for floor outlets and extension cords
  • Compatible Humanscale healthcare mounts and arms with adaptor available

Workstation Design Planning

Apollo Technology Poles are part of our modular Phlebotomy Workstation solution.  Check out our Phlebotomy Workstation Layout Guide for typical examples and order information.

Our team of experts works daily with customers to provide free design planning assistance to ensure there are no issues during and after installation. Our services include dropping Chaparral equipment blocks into your CAD drawings, ensuring clearances, checking for conflicts and providing spacing recommendations.

Standard Models

Model # Description
AP-6-234 Floor to ceiling pole
AP-6-60 Wall-mounted pole

Apollo Reference Guide for full list of arms and mounts