Blood Draw Station

Ergonomic Modular Phlebotomy Stations

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Chaparral Blood Draw Stations are ergonomically engineered to help reduce repetitive strain injuries in phlebotomists. The uniquely designed stations feature customizable supply storage above waist level and within easy reach of the phlebotomist. No bending, turning, or excessive reaching is required to access all tools and disposables.

The Blood Draw Station, along with our Adjustable Draw Stand and Apollo Technology Poles, is part of Chaparral’s Phlebotomy Workstation solution.   It has undergone extensive independent, evidence-based studies conducted in partnership with OSHA, large scale health systems and ergonomic experts.  These studies show an elimination of or significant reduction of (92%) risk factors, including a reduced musculoskeletal risk of up to 91%.  Learn more about the study in our Ergonomic Phlebotomy Workstation whitepaper available here.


  • Ergonomically engineered to reduce phlebotomist musculoskeletal risk
  • Helps reduce needle stick injuries
  • Helps to increase lab efficiency
  • Contributes to HIPAA compliance
  • Durable cabinets have a long useful life
  • Customizable storage
  • Modular design provides scalability
  • Made in Portland, OR by union sheet metal craftspeople

Included with Station

  • Glove holder inserts
  • Tube holders
  • Loose tube holders
  • Tube & wipe holders
  • Trash cans
  • Large sharp disposals

Work Station Design Planning


Chaparral Blood Draw Stations are modular, allowing for single or multi-phlebotomy works workstation designs.  Each phlebotomist workstation was designed to include both a left and right station for optimal storage and ergonomic benefits.  Check out our Phlebotomy Station Layout Guide for typical examples and order information.

In addition, our team of experts works daily with customers to provide free design planning assistance to ensure there are no issues during and after installation. Our services include dropping Chaparral equipment blocks into your CAD drawings, ensuring clearances, checking for conflicts and providing spacing recommendations.

Standard Models

Model # Description
MMIV – CS Central Station
MMIV – LS Left Station
MMIV – RS Right Station