Scope Flushing Sinks

Height Adjustable Scope Cleaning Sink

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Chaparral’s adjustable-height endoscopy sinks offer ergonomic benefits to pre-sanitation scope processing. Our proprietary design incorporates the Custom Ultrasonics SAFS-S8 Scope Assist Flush Sink, allowing users to clean scopes at their optimum personal height level.  This helps promote an efficient and safe processing environment.


  • Integrated Custom Ultrasonics SAFS-S8 Scope Assist Flush Sink.
    • Provides means of flushing endoscope channels with detergent and water
    • Allows for soaking and manual wiping/brushing of most flexible endoscopes
    • Provides environment for wet leak testing of endoscope
    • FDA cleared
  • Ergonomic – Helps reduce risk factors leading to workplace injuries
  • Best-in-class 10″ vertical adjustment (32″ to 42″)
  • Highly durable medical grade stainless steel
  • Made in Portland, Oregon by union sheet metal craftspeople
  • Customization available

Included with Sink

  • Plumbing supplies for indirect waste
  • 5” backsplash
  • Drain board
  • Marine edge
  • Cabinet doors

Accessories and Options

Direct waste telescopic plumbing, 2-tier storage rack, end-splashes, upper cabinet, virtual training services conducted by Custom Ultrasonics, on-site training and installation conducted by Custom Ultrasonics.

Design Planning

Our team of experts work daily with customers to provide free design planning assistance to ensure there are no issues during and after installation. Our services include dropping Chaparral equipment blocks into your CAD drawings, ensuring clearances, checking for conflicts and providing spacing recommendations.

Standard Models

Model # # of Sink Bowls Length
AHS-ES-L 1    58″
AHS-ES-R 1    58″
AHS-ES-C 1    64″