Height-Adjustable Sinks for Medical Facilities

With ergonomic height-adjustable sinks at your medical facility, neck or back strains caused by improper sink height are less likely to affect your staff. With a simple flip of a switch, our specially designed and manufactured medical facility height-adjustable sinks move smoothly up and down 6” to 8”. Unlike our fixed-height sinks, our adjustable, medical-grade stainless steel sinks are preferred when there are multiple users of varied height preferences.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Clinical Sink – Information:

1) Ergonomic: 6”-8” of vertical adjustment to accommodate different height users.

2) Helps reduce risk factors that lead to workplace injuries.

3) Helps enable safe, thorough cleaning of medical tools prior to final sterilization.

4) UL Listed.

5) Durable: heavy duty materials yield long useful life.

6) Green: made from stainless steel, a 100% recyclable material.

7) Made in Portland, OR USA by union sheet metal craftspeople.

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ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT SINKS from Chaparral Fixtures on Vimeo.


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