Ergonomic Phlebotomy Draw Station

Chaparral has designed and manufactured blood draw stations that are ergonomically engineered to help reduce repetitive strain injuries.

In our uniquely designed ergonomic phlebotomy draw station, all supplies are stored above waist level, within easy reach of the phlebotomist. No bending, turning, or excessive reaching is required to access all tools and disposables. We paid great attention to the layout of our ergonomic phlebotomy station, designing the draw station to help prevent strain and/or injury to nurses, phlebotomists, and patients alike.

Benefits of our ergonomic phlebotomy draw station:

  1. Helps to reduce needle stick injuries.
  2. Helps to increase lab efficiency.
  3. Helps comply with HIPAA regulations.
  4. Durable: cabinets have a long useful life.
  5. Customizable supply storage.
  6. Modular design provides scalability.
  7. Green: made primarily from heavy-duty aluminum, a 100% recyclable material.
  8. Made in Portland, OR, USA by union sheet metal craftspeople.

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PHLEBOTOMY STATIONS from Chaparral Fixtures on Vimeo.


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